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  1. 36 MINŪTES / 36 MINUTES   


    It's time for time.
    Time is a structure, a mechanism created by man. A hundred-year-old wall clock can be just like a music instrument. And just like for a performing artist a microphone is placed next to it. The mechanism is turned and the pendulum is swung. The microphone amplifies the voice of the clock every tick of the mechanism. The inevitable is expected - the clock reaches midnight, ringing the two-tone hammer 12 times. After this short, beautiful performance, the clock is dismantled and carefully taken away.
    Time is intangible and immaterial. It seems invisible without human presence. In these 36 minutes, the man is static, but it is the time that moves.


    Tīrkultūra UNEXPECTED SOURCESCēsis Art Festival 2018

    artists : Krista Dzudzilo, Reinis Dzudzilo

    performer : Vladislavs Saveļjevs

    curator : MAREUNROL'S, Linda Pēterkopa


    27 / 07 / 2018