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  2. kim?* *kas ir mīlestība?/wil?* *what is love?

    krista dzudzilo un reinis dzudzilo


    kim? laikmetīgais mākslas centrs

    curator - zane onckule

    14.01.15 – 22.01.15.

    The three words in the questioning abbreviation of kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Latvian stand for ‘what is art?’. Interpreting the last letter of the abbreviation - changing art to love.‘ what is love?’ (‘kas ir mīlestība?’ or also ‘kim?’ in Latvian), the new question becomes the meaning of the exhibition. Its message is written in the form of an essay — introduction, arguments, and conclusion.

    1 birth
    wood / acrylic / fiberglass / textile / plastic

    2 death
    Arvo Pärt — Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten 05:01min, loop

    3 eternity
    wood / acrylic / plastic, textile / video projection, loop

    Photos ©  - ansis starks and krista dzudzilo